Light In The Shadows

When its as dark as it can get

When you lose yourself,

wander away because you don’t know where you’re going.

Even the lights dim.

In the darkness I see something bright, I see you.

A sense of movement, harmony, and rhythm .

You’re a high level of detail, small strokes of neon colors.

You shine in the darkness.

So why do you hide in the shadows?


They call you nighttime

You travel through the like ghost stories

& it doesn’t matter how many stories up.

because you always please.

a tsunami in your throat.

I bet you’ve taken even the bravest of men down,

when you go down… Your name echoes.

As if it had been shouted through mountains & valleys.

I can hear faint echoes of your name in my city.

A Woman I used to know.

Your name was once in my mouth;

you were once in my mouth.

Every couple moans you find your way back.

Your love repeats itself.

I try to convince myself you love me.

Thats why you come back,

but I can never explain why you leave.


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