Old Souls

I want to go where no other man would venture. They wanna know whats under those blue jeans and hoodie.I wanna go deeper than that black Nike hat.I want to understand your mind. I want to talk to your thoughts, wrestle and then slow dance with your demons. Our past sins and struggle brought us here.I want to debate with your conscience. I want to see the pillars of your soul. Knock on the polished ivory gates. Your soul opening up to say “My love, its been a thousand years. You found me.”

I never knew. I never knew why I pushed people away, until I saw you. We’re old souls the got stuck in a hurricane and lost in a tsunami. It would be a shame to let us go to waste. So, where do I want to go? I want to go anywhere your soul desires. Let’s see the Red Sea, raft down the Nile. Visit the pyramids of Giza. Lets see the Colosseum, maybe my soul has fought their before. Maybe something will spark a wild-fire of memories, flash backs of us in another life, together. Maybe you’ll see me in your future, maybe not.

Maybe old souls aren’t meant to find each other again. I can’t believe that. I won’t.

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