CURIOUS CAT- Secret Love

I used to think you were beautiful, an angel, God damn. I would’ve treated you right. I would’ve shown you real love. feel the tingle crawl through your bones, the butterflies inside. It would be hard to breath, butterflies knocking your lungs. Darling, I would’ve shown you the stars that you hide inside. surpassed your expectations and showed you that you don’t need these walls around your heart. you don’t need to be cold anymore. Fuck feelings, Fuck love. “Guys aint loyal.” Baby I would’ve given you everything. I know you would’ve appreciated and cherished every bit. I would’ve shown you how a queen should be praised. No dick appointments or freaky shit. Just how a sacred temple should be built. Darling, You don’t know me, you don’t remember me, but i remember you. You hit me with the “I’m sorry, I’m into dark skin guys.”

When the sun rises, I will see you. When the day arrives you will see another message on here my Eternal Queen. When you sleep, I hope the stars inside of you shine, because it’s looking bleak in this city we call home. So darling, farewell, goodnight.

I just know realized you’re not into anything really poetic. You like rap but you don’t like poetry. I can understand how you don’t like the original form of things. People like ketchup but don’t like ketchup.

How was your day? Did the world return your favor? Did it say thank you? For staying here, a beacon of hope. Did the people around you smile and say how your beauty made them feel a little but better? Probably not, in this day and age that would be creepy. Lol Stay beautiful, always smile. That smile can create and make days, Shape and mold a persons perspective on beauty. Stay gorgeous.

You might ask who I am. Wonder if it’s a crush that you’ve had your eyes on. The nonchalant cool popular guy that seems like he has no talents. Plot twist I am him. Plot twist; I’m just kidding. The good-looking guy really doesn’t have any talent besides getting girls and cheating to get that C to pass class. I’m an average guy. No one that you will ever set eyes upon. The one that you probably looked at just to ask if i had a pencil or a pen. I’m irrelevant, a lost broken soul. I’m just a shadow in a broken city, a broken world. I’m a man who can’t have love. Love doesn’t go right with me. I’ve loved and I’ve loved hard. I’ve been broken, shattered. I’ve held that shards of my heart, grasping it until i felt nothing.

I went by the name – Nameless.

In a day she got tired of reading my notes. Forgotten.

My name would have done nothing, curiosity killed the cat.


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