Love Poem

I wanna write a love poem

A poem about you.

About our love.

A love of the ages!

& doesn’t matter about our age

because I’ve loved you for a thousand years

And i’ll love you for a thousand more,forever.

I don’t like writing poems about

not that I don’t like it, I’m just afraid,

Afraid that someone will fall in love with just an amateur description of you.

They’ll close their eyes and picture an angel

and thats just with words,

words cannot capture your true beauty

you are a goddess

my Aphrodite

my Queen

I’ve seen, men fall to their knees

begging you please, give them another chance

I stood right there,your right hand man

best friends

Now were best friends and lovers.

If your world is falling, if somehow heaven takes a rollercoaster nose dive.

Meeting earth like an unforeseen 8th grade kiss…

& everything gets messy.

Give me your hand,

I might not be able to solve your problems… But I wont let you face them alone.

When I see you, my heart wants to jump out my chest

I’ll cut it open just to show you,

Your name is engraved on it, stitched and tied just to make sure it wont fade.

When I hear you, the world stops spinning,time freezes.

When you say my name,everything fades.

You silence my demons when you speak.

When I feel you, when your silky hair slides through my fingertips like holy water.

when your delicate skin is pressed against mine, tighter then a nuns rosary

when I can feel your warmth

when I can feel life

I can feel God’s presence when we touch

I can hear angelic hymns when we kiss

When we kiss, god slows down time.

I thank him were both alive.

at that moment everything is so heavenly

Your luscious lips, captivating.

I can taste our loves passion with just one kiss.

you see,

I just, I just wanna write a love poem, I just wanna write about you.

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